Friday, January 2, 2015

My Big Running Accomplishment of 2014

First off, just a reminder of where I started.

 4 weeks after having Henry.
Cabbage Patching my heart out and feeling awful.
That was March of 2013.

Check me out in December of 2014.
 Running a 5k with the gang at Evolution Chiropractic.
Had my best run ever, with a time of 28.38 on my gps (the official time was even faster!)
My first mile was 8:47... what?!

Pretty amazing day for me.
Me with Bryson up at the zip lines this fall. I took him running on the trails and he loved it.
I am contemplating getting him a special harness for rock climbing dogs that would work as a zip line harness so he can ride the lines with me next year.

This has been an amazing year.

Running goals for next year are loosey goosey at this point. I'm toying with a half marathon (not another one on the treadmill, but one outside). Sam is going to be running in a Spartan Sprint this summer and I am more excited about focusing on his accomplishment for awhile while I just maintain my fitness level. We both got Jawbone activity trackers for Christmas and that has been awesome already.

Another great year of running. Here's to many more.

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