Friday, January 2, 2015

Pictures that I am in for 2014

I have tried hard to make sure I take pictures of myself.
Wanna know why?
So my kids will remember what I looked like from year to year and so they can see a picture and remember the stories behind them in case I get old and senile.
I am happy I started doing that more. It is nice to have pictures of me instead of pictures of everyone else.

These were some of my favorite pictures of 2014

 Going to work on the zipline with Sam.
 Volunteering at Bountiful Baskets on our way to a date with Sam.
 Baseball game with the kids.
 With the zip guides at the Haunted Zip (Photo from IF Magazine)
 Matching shirts with Sam. We are that couple and I really love it.
 With my little crew of run buddies I picked up one day.
 Leap frog on the lines.
 My last run while Sam was a cop. Bittersweet.
 Guiding on the lines and posing with a customer who had a rattle snake to take home.
Seeing the lights at Temple Square in December.

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