Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Super Cousins

Something I've been thinking about so much lately is family. Really, everything will come and go, but family is a constant. We're all different, but when we need each other, we're going to be there.

I wanted to share some experiences I had during Becky's memorial and funeral. Those types of services are hard on little kids, and I happen to have a pile of little kids. I was worried about how the kids could collide with the services. Between it being  hard on the kids and scary, I knew Sam would be struggling with his loss and the rest of his family would be too and I was very concerned about my kids' struggle to stay quiet for long periods of time or being scared by a funeral or the people or the noise causing a negative distraction. 

Enter my cousins. 

I have three cousins in that area of Utah, Ambrosia, Bree and Destiny. All three of them were aware of what was going on as they had been my support while I supported Sam through January and they were ready and so willing to help me with whatever I needed.

Brosia had offers of food at all times and she helped monitor kids and coordinate our plans. She made sure we had it all together and even made sure her work schedule allowed her to bail to help us out.

Destiny swooped in and helped me during the visitation when I was entering hour 4 of piano playing and my pedal leg was just done. She was also my go to hug giver and managed to give a hug to one of Sam's sisters that was exactly what a hug should be (I'm not the hugger around here, so I was grateful to Destiny for being around to provide services I am not good at).

Then we have Bree. Oh, Bree. She watched the kids the bulk of the time because everyone had to work and she didn't have school that day so she was able to schedule her life to be at our beck and call. She fed kids and kept kids clean and she even hauled her behind to our church and babysat my kids in the relief society room because the Utah Highway Patrol needed us to have everyone on site to make transport to the cemetery as seamless as possible. Bree isn't even a member of the church and I am sure it made her a little uncomfortable, but she didn't balk at helping, she just did it. 

Then, they were all available to give me hugs and show us love and support the entire time. They did so much more

I struggle with asking for help. I don't like feeling like I'm taking and taking and taking. But, my cousins made it seem like they lived to work their lives around my schedule and they were happy to support me. I'm so grateful for them and for the love they showed not just my family, but my in-laws. It was so important.

I'm very grateful for my cousins and everything they did to help us this past month. I have good family.

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