Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wonderful Job and Schedule Changes

I have to say, 2015 just keeps getting more and more eventful.

Once again, we're making some schedule changes around here. If you have spent time with me at all over the last decade, then you have heard me vent about how Sam's old department used to just run him ragged with schedule changes, shift covering and a total lack of consistency. It was draining for everyone to never feel comfortable making plans because it seemed whenever we did, Sam would have to cover for someone else or his schedule would suddenly change. It was one of the big reasons Sam looked for other employment. So, he came over to the county and it has been amazing. He works a normal rotation and is rarely called to come back in on his days off. The rotation doesn't change without lots of notice. But, the best part has been when people ask (not TELL, they ask, and nicely even) him to cover, he can say no. That has been a relief. The past 5-6 months have been eye opening to say the least.

But, this isn't the change, that is just be stating how grateful I have been for the county and how they have treated Sam and our family.

Here is the change.

Last week Sam interviewed for the detective position with the county and HE GOT IT! Yay!

We are so excited about this. We felt like he had a great chance and we are just thrilled that he gets to do the kind of police work he loves the most. He starts tomorrow. I am very happy for him. He is really eager to get back into investigations. The kids are excited for their dad to do his favorite things. It is good.

Life is a little more exciting than that though.

Last week, I was offered the opportunity to work somewhere I really care about. It is part time and they are graciously willing to work around my piano schedule. I'm so excited about this foot in the door. I am hoping it will maybe one day grow into working in multiple capacities with that organization.

I was also offered another opportunity to work more at the zip line this summer. I'll be mostly doing office work (which I enjoy because I'm weird) and I'll still get to guide on the lines too. The owner even agreed to teach me to drive the Razors. I'm pretty tickled. This will be a big change for us. I won't do piano over the summer at all, and I've even found an excellent nanny to work part time for us this summer to help Isabelle on the hours that I'll work when Sam isn't home from his job yet. It will be a balancing act and I know it will be stressful at times, but, we're ready to do something different. It will be a good change.

The thing I love the most is that Sam and I will have work schedules that will mostly complement each others. We'll be working together on the lines and that is really great. The kids will have fun helping here and there with my other job and I love that. It is just a wonderful blessing.

You know, I said I was breaking up with Rigby last year, and I am happy I did it. I still love this town, but Sam and I have found so much fun outside of the city limits. We made a lot of big changes last year and now we're enjoying the blessings that come from stepping outside our comfort zones and trying new things. It is awesome. We're very lucky.

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