Friday, May 22, 2015

First Big Training for Kimber (CFI)

I had a kind of busy week.
But, at the end of it, I got this neat piece of paper.

I spent several days this week at a training for work. I was learning the NICHD method of child forensic interviewing. For those scratching their heads, child forensic interviewing is used in cases of alleged child maltreatment. The interviewer is a neutral person who talks with a child and learns about what has happened. The information law enforcement gets through these interviews is often critical to getting those who abuse children off the streets. If you have ever watched "Law and Order: SVU", you've probably seen the Hollywood version of a forensic interview. The real life version is pretty similar.

It was a headache promoting week. The class had so much information, plus we were tested in a few ways. The subject matter is disturbing at times, if you let it get too far under your skin. I admit, it isn't something everyone would be comfortable doing. But, I know I'm capable of doing it, and someone needs to do it. I had a partner at the training (but it is her information to share, so I'm not outing her), and she is going to be an amazing interviewer.

I took another training on this just recently, so, I have about 70 hours in so far. I've got a ways to go, but I've learned a lot so far.

I am eager to practice my new skills some more. Don't be shocked if you find me practicing my interviewing skills on you.

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