Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I know, I know.
I haven't been writing regularly for ages.
It has just been really busy around here and while it is really wonderful busy for the most part, I can't really share a lot of it because it has to do with my new job.
I will try to sit down soon and get to all of it though, promise.
But, today was a Mother's Day I want to remember, for better or for worse.
It all started with a plumbing mishap.
I flushed the toiled around midnight and it seemed to be clogged. I told Sambo, but he was half asleep, so it didn't really register. The city had been doing work on the pipes on our street recently, so we tend to have problems when that happens that resolve themselves. I was mildly concerned, but tired, so I went to bed.
Next morning I went to flush again and it was clogged. Sam came over and started plunging it out, but it wasn't working.
I had to get ready for church because I was playing piano in sacrament meeting for the primary and, I had just found out I was playing for Elder's Quorum too, plus, Lynne and I were the ladies staying in the primary with all the men who traditionally take over for the women. I pulled back the shower curtain and discovered the water from the toilet had started backing into the shower, awesome. Now we were getting concerned.
I ran upstairs to shower while Sam monkeyed with things. I was about 2 minutes into the shower when Sam burst in and told me the water was rising as I showered and I needed to hurry and get out. So, I rinsed my hair and jumped out. Sewer water was rising all over!
Sam ran to the store to get some supplies to help with clean up and I was trying to prep for church. I suddenly had the thought to check the basement, so I ran down and heard dripping. Right under the bathroom (and only 1 foot away from my precious treadmill), the sewage was drip-dropping onto the carpet!
I hollered for a bucket and a kid ran down with one. I called Sam and told him to come home because, crap was getting real. (I totally used another word, fyi.)
Sam comes back and we both know this can only mean one thing: The city had jacked up our plumbing again.
I call the on call city person and ask him to come over and clear out our line (not our first rodeo). He hems and haws and tells me to call him in  40 minutes if it is still clogged. We hang up and I sit there and fume for a second. Then I call back and ask him where I can find the water main to shut off the water to the entire block so I can solve the problem and stop sewage from leaking into my house. He asks for my address and arrives a few minutes later.
Sam runs back to the store for more supplies (good thing he was able to get out of work so he could fix this issue) and the guy arrives. Nice guy. He asked me if I forgot to flush or something and I pushed back my urge to say the mean words and instead, firmly but politely told him exactly where the clog was out in the gutter (since we've done this a few times). Then Sam arrived and repeated what I said, and then they walked out and looked and, guess what? The massive, mucky clog was exactly where I said it was, out by the road on the city's side.
Sigh of relief and frustration.
I had to go to church at this point, so Sam updated me via text. Yes, I am the gal who texted during church, You would too if you had a Mother's Day Poo-pocolypse goig on.
The city guy cleared out our line (not sure about everyone else who lives by us, but I can't borrow problems today), and the sewage immediately drained. Sam spent the next few hours sanitizing everything while I did church. Then, I got home and we spent a pile of money buying replacement insulation and other things so Sam could replace the wall area in the basement.
He's wrapping up right now.
(Sam hanging with the city and scene of the crime. Party.)

You would think I would be mad about this horrible day, but, you know what? I've learned that there are way worse things in life than sewage. Don't get me wrong, I do not want to repeat this experience, but, we caught it quickly, it is nearly all fixed, and the city is going to be responsible for the repairs we have to make.

The thing is, if my biggest problem is merely crappy sewer lines, life is pretty great. Yes, my problems seem really hard some days, and, they are hard for me. But, I have a family that I love, I am surrounded by people who are doing so much good in the world, and I feel like I have found my purpose in life. It is wonderful.

As I was sitting in church, I listened to some wonderful talked, visited with people I really enjoy, and laughed at ridiculous kids. When I got home, Sam had taken the time to make me lunch in the midst of all the grossness (pretty sure he washed his hands first) and the kids had kinda/sorta cleaned up. But, the moment that touched my heart the most was when I ran to the store to get something for Sam while he was finishing repairs, and, I recognized my cashier as someone I have spent time with recently through my work. Those situations can be touchy, so I didn't say anything, but she recognized me. She called me by my name and was so happy to see me. She told me how she was doing and we had a really neat moment. That moment reminded me that I'm involved in something so important and I was reminded that if I can help lighten just one person's load, I am doing good work.

So, Mother's Day 2015. It was a pretty great day. Hoping to skip the sewage next year, but, if we don't, we'll be okay.

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  1. You are an amazing spirit. Thanks for sharing the shine with my curmudgeonly self.