Sunday, June 7, 2015

October through December of 2014

I decided to play catch up while I have a few days off.
So, we had a busy end of the year.
 We all played at Heise Zip through Halloween.
This picture is courtesy Idaho Falls Magazine.
It was a blast and I loved being up there.

 We found a new drink that has changed our lives.
Redneck SUP
You get them at Great Scotts, a gas station in Rexburg, Idaho.
Take a pop, any pop, add some flavoring, some cream, and you are in heaven.
Pretty much my favorite.

We got to see our friend and author, Sarah Benson!
She did a book signing at the Rigby Library and it was awesome. I was so tickled to see her.

November was also a great month because we did the Feed the Hungry Run again, we ate all the turkey and pie, and Ozzy and I had birthdays, along with Grandma Kim. It was pretty much the best month ever, once again.

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