Sunday, June 7, 2015

Some of the Races we Ran in 2015 (so far)

We have had fun running in races!
These are in the opposite order, but that's okay.
We ran in the 5-0 5k a few weeks ago.
It was a crappy, rainy day and I did not want to run in that yucky weather.
But, we brought the entire family and some friends, so I sucked it up.
 My awesome outfit.
It's funny because, irony.
 The race director is my buddy and she made this sign for me! I love it!

 All of us after the run.
You can see our running stroller behind us. I ran with Ozzy and Henry in the stroller and wow, that was hard.

But, we had a great time.

We did the Heart and Sole Run in Rigby in April.
Hannah came up to Idaho to run with me, and Jerry came with her to zipline. It was a blast.
 I really like this picture!
 Hannah, my mom, me and Lynne.
It was Lynne's first 5k. She used my mom to pace her and had a really fast time!
It was a ton of fun.

Sam ran too, but I'm more proud of him for running the Menan Butte!

He ran that 12k and totally conquered it. He was stressing it up until he started, but then he got out and rocked it. Proof that he can do anything.

We had a few runs we were going to do this week and next week, but life has caught up to us and we're going to have to back down for a bit. But, we'll be running more good stuff by the end of the summer.
I would like to run in the Soda Screamer Thirteener this fall. I hear it is a great little half marathon. We'll see!

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