Saturday, July 25, 2015

Don't Forget to Put on Pants Before you Arrest Anyone

There are moments when being married to the 5-0 is simply the best.

So, tonight I got home from the zip line and had a super late dinner with Sammy. Then I ate a pile of those Cow Tail candies because last week was nuts and I lost 6 pounds which is almost awesome, but kinda not, so I figured I would try to gain some of it back. I was just settling in with a book and the last of my candy when I heard a ruckus next door.

Some men were shouting outside. I threw on my robe and headed outside to see, but, Sam of course got ahead of me and tried to order me to stay inside (which is adorable). I did stay behind him, at least. It looked like some dudes were trying to get into our neighbor's house. Have I mentioned how we live in a fancy place?

At this point, Sam went into full cop mode and got ready to do some protecting.

I was so excited when I got to call out to him, "don't forget to put on pants before you arrest anyone!

(Remember that high speed pursuit in his undies? No? Read that one here.)

So, Sam threw on something and grabbed his cop stuff as he hollered to me to call 911 while he ran out the door.


I love it when I get to call for back up.

Seriously nearly did a happy dance.

So, as I called dispatch to relay that info, I saw a city cop car across the street and as Sam started chasing and shouting, the officer in that vehicle sprinted over and things for super loud for a minute. I finished my call in time for our neighbor to come out looking confused by the craziness and he was looking to trot on up behind Sam where he was, so I redirected him to come around from the front instead just to keep things mellow.

Then, I figured I was in my blue fuzzy robe without a gun or handcuffs which made me totally not useful, so I came back inside and sat with Bryson, who cuddle up to protect me while he growled at the door. We sat there until back up showed up and Sambo came back in.

Sometimes my life is way to entertaining, even for me.

Also, this is why Sam keeps pants on the floor by his side of the bed. Being prepared is a good thing.

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