Thursday, October 22, 2015

Overly Exciting Times on the way to Boise

Well, I've had an exciting week so far!

This Monday, I had a peer review in Boise for week. I know I mentioned awhile back that I am trained as a child forensic interviewer. Well, I spent the summer getting our interview room put together at work, and, we've been fully operational (like the Death Star, but with less droids, but plenty of tempermental equipment) and doing interview for law enforcement. I wasn't sure if we would be very busy, but, we have been doing 1-2 forensic interviews a week. Marie and I take turns being the interviewer, while the other person is the advocate/tech support.

While we have been busy, we're really new to this. So, we were both nervous about our first peer review. Being the shrinking violet I am, I made it known far and wide that I was really intimidated by the idea of sitting in a room listening to far more experienced interviewers tell me all the ways I possibly screwed up.

These interviews are only super important evidence for child abuse and sex abuse cases. No worries.

Yep, I've been nervous.

But, I'm braver than I am scared most days, so, I was ready for Monday. Marie picked me up and we took off. It was a good drive... then, Marie's car got really loud, the oil light came on, smoke started billowing out of the car, and it was dead.


I rarely see Marie ruffled, and this ruffled her.

Fortunately, while I am usually in a state of ruffled to some degree at all times, I do tend to thrive in situations that require time sensitive problem solving. So, we were good. Marie made some calls to set up a tow truck and a car rental, I made some calls to our dear friend Corey (who is one of the best people on the planet, along with his wife Jentri), and, with an assist from Trooper Donahue from ISP (you know I love cops, right?), we were back on the road pretty quick.

Trooper Donahue was a joy. Not only did he know my other Trooper pal, but, he offered us a lift to a gas station. All my dreams coming true right there.

He was a good sport while I instagrammed and snap chatted our ride in the back or a squad car, bless his heart.
Marie and Kimber in a squad car on a Monday Morning. Still, not the weirdest morning I've had.

Bye, LEO fam!

What a great guy.

Then, we sat and waited for another great guy.

Marie was working out car insurance stuff while I giggled. Honestly, I was so nervous for my peer review, and this was a welcome distraction. I called one of the organizers to let them know we were running behind, but on our way, and then I shot the breeze with a crazy person for a bit.

Yay! Corey arrived!

Bless Corey, he walked out of work to help us out. I hate that he and Jentri moved, but I love that I got to see him. Corey is good people.

So, we landed in Twin, where our rental car was waiting. We piled in and drove to the review. Got there just in time for the actual review!

It was stressful. I was pretty open with my other interviewers about how stressed I was. But, I didn't want them to pull any punches either. Overall, I think I got some great feedback. I'm new, and it shows. But, I feel a lot more confident in my abilities after that. They had great advice, and gave a few compliments that I felt were sincere. I know I'll be nervous again next time, but, I'll get better each time, and it will be good.

Tuesday, we had the "Keeping Children Safe" conference. Sam was in Boise for that conference too. We listened to a great speaker. This is her book and this was her topic too:

So far, this book is great. Her speech was excellent. Being in this line of work, I can see already how this can take a toll on anyone in this profession, and this is important information to have at the start of my career.

We drove home in Angelina Jolie the minivan. Sam brought it up after the Monday debacle. She did good, but, we're thinking it is time to look at buying another car. She is getting a little up there in years. I'll think about that later.

Anyhow, it was an adventure. I love adventures.

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