Thursday, November 19, 2015

Speaking to the Republicans **(see bottom of post for disclaimer)

Tonight I did something I never expected to do.

I spoke at a meeting of the Rigby Republican Women.

I'd been called a week or so ago and asked to come speak about the Family Crisis Center, and, of course, I am always eager to talk about FCC, so I agreed.

I hadn't realized the date until today.

You see, tomorrow is Sam's sister Becky's 47th birthday. It makes this unexpected invitation to speak even more interesting to me.

I'm quite certain this is Becky's attempt to get me involved in politics in any way she can. I am fairly certain she had a good laugh at my expense.

But, joking aside, I found it very meaningful to be speaking to that group on the evening before Becky's birthday.

It was a really wonderful group too. I told them about FCC and what we do. I talked about the areas we cover and how we do our work. I answered all sorts of questions. Then, at the end, one person slipped me a note with her information because she wants to become an advocate, another one asked me for my number so she could call and talk more, and, a sweet man handed me a twenty dollar bill and said, "go buy diapers for those babies who need it." (We are ALWAYS short on diapers, particularly size 4,5 and 6, so I was very touched.) We need more people who want to learn and will help in any way they can in this world.

The Tower side of the family is taking on 47 acts of service to remember Becky this year. I know our start date is officially tomorrow, but, tonight was so meaningful to me, so, I feel like I need to include it. Happy (almost) birthday, Becky. I spoke to Republicans. You're welcome.

**Disclaimer: I am not a Republican. I'm not a Democrat either. I'm way too liberal and too conservative for either party. If I am forced to choose a party, I choose Unicorn. They are a fantasy, just like most dreams I hear from presidential candidates. Also, sword on their head, like a shiv. Joking aside, I am not capable of politics, but I'm a huge fan of people who want to help others, so, if they insist on being political, it's cool.

(If you want to read more about Sam's sister, google Becky Lockhart. I wrote a little here, but really, use the googles.)

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