Friday, January 22, 2016

Girl Nerds: Star Wars Edition

So, last week, one of my fb friends who I don't know very well asked online if anyone wanted to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens with her to look for clues. You know, clues about what will happen in this trilogy.

I am not much for big groups going out, but, Star Wars was involved. So, I told her I would love to go.
It was kind of amazing.

We ended up being the only two in the group who went. Tannie is like me and really, really into Star Wars. I mean, she has read all the books and articles. It was really fun to watch the movie with her and then talk geek all the way home.

I think I have a cool new friend.

 All the cool posters. I love Rey!
 Tannie and me with Rey.
 Me being super excited because... Rey.

 After movie selfie. It was so much fun and I loved one on one time with another girl nerd.

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