Friday, January 15, 2016

Joy: A Jefferson County Christmas 2015 (Year 2)

We did the Christmas program again this year.
It went really smoothly. Naomi and Karissa and I are a good team and I felt like we really just got it done without too much heartburn.

I have to say, I love Crown of Life Lutheran Church. The sanctuary has such a peaceful feeling to it.

 I may have been a little nervous at our dress rehearsal...

The first ever Festival of Trees was going on the same weekend at our beloved library. We had fun going and looking at that.

 Sam and Kimber hanging with Pastor Dave the day of the program.

 Rehearsing my number for the program.
 Hanging with a few friends.
And a few more!

All in all, it was a great program. I loved it. I always love it. I have ideas on how to improve it, but, we'll get there.

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