Friday, January 15, 2016

Kimber's Birthday Week, 2015

Welcome to my birthday week!
It was back in November, but, I'm in the process of catching up here.
So, I like to celebrate my birthday all week. Why? Because I can.

Here is Sammy and me before church the week of my birthday.
This is the year I decided I was going to wear sugar skulls and hoodies to church in the form of leggings and dresses. It makes me happy, and I like to wear things that make me happy.

 This is a video of my work the day before Thanksgiving. I love how much we get to help people.

One of my co-workers gave this to me and I now use it for all important life choices.

 This is how Sam shows he realy loves me.

I had big plans for Thor this week.

 Sam took me out to birthday breakfast and I saw a friend from high school. That was fun.
 My birthday gift to myself was running/walking/crawling another half marathon.
It was hard.
I was slow.
I'm sure you could do it faster.
Don't rub it in.
Still, I did it.

Overall, one more birthday and another great year.
Life is good.
I'd tell you how old I am, but, I've reached the point where I keep forgetting and I have to ask Sam how old I am because somehow, he can't put his shoes away, but he is always keenly aware of how much we have aged. Either way, I'm older! But, happier.

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