Friday, January 22, 2016

My Day OFf!

It is so different to not be home all the time.
I have to really focus and get housework done quickly so I can have some time to goof off.
I have really struggled with this new time management system, but, as you can see by me starting to blog again, I am getting the hang of it.

So, I took a day off this week. This is what I did:

All the laundry!
This is just the laundry for the boys. I have other laundry for Sambo and me and for Belle that I did too. I was also washing tons more clothing (that I will be folding tonight and tomorrow).

I did tons of dishes and cleaned bedrooms and made beds.

I played with Ozzy and Henry and snuggled them and it was divine.

Then I remembered I had to go to court with one of my clients, so I hurried and got ready and went to court. It was a good day for my client and that is always the best.

Then, I met up with my husband for a 10 minute pseudo date.

 First he was cute.
 Then he was weird.
Then he was Mr. No Smile Cop Face.

I went and picked up the little boys, went home, made dinner for everyone, waited for my big kids to get home from school and it was kind of amazing.

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