Kimber's Bucket List

I have a horrifying bucket list. Most of my dreams are silly, lame or just nuts. However, it gives me no small amount of glee when I accomplish them. I want to keep closer track of when I get to check something off, so I'm putting them here. Now, on days when I have a frown I'll come here and turn it upside down! Yes, I punned. Not scared to admit it.

Here goes!

*Traumatize a plane full of people with my chest.

* Wore skulls and pink together and loved it. (Seriously, that bag and pink shoes really were on my list. Shh.)

*Got a bunch of hippies to travel to Rigby just to hang out with me (oh and attend the international conference I organized too)

*Successfully start, run and sell a business without going into debt.

*Did NOT eat a squirrel Sam killed with only a stick and a rock.

Got to be Buddy's football coach (for 5 seconds and it really doesn't count because I wasn't quarterback) but more importantly, got to call for back up when Sam ran after a criminal in a foot pursuit through our yard. Oh yeah, and Sam was in his underwear. This was all sorts of awesome.

*(Sam's bucket list) Kill a mouse while the cat watches. Using a keyboard. Yep.

*Embraced my inner and outer introverted self!

*Started hooping!

*Drove around Rigby with a corpse in my car and didn't get arrested. Also ate roadkill (this was more Sam's bucket list item than mine I'll have you know.)

*Ran 3.1 miles (a 5k) without stopping, walking or dying.

*Ran 10k without stopping, walking or dying.

*Organized a 5k run event (though I still haven't run in one myself. I do things out of order.)

*Ran an official 5k fun run.

*Ran a half marathon. (I did this on my treadmill one day just to prove to myself I could. 13.1 miles of awesome.)

2014 Bucket List Accomplishments:

*Performed the fight scene in "Taming of the Shrew" with Sambo. (We did this to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary and it was an amazingly wonderful experience.)

*Ran up in and through a dormant volcano. (This also happened to be a 12k and a "trail run" so that was cool too.)

*Ran in an official 10k race.

*Changed the law in our city and got chickens!

*Actually got our Freedom Flock of chickens

*Rode the zip line for the first time. 

*Became a zip line guide

*Rescued a Navy SEAL on the zip line 

*Cheered Sam on while he left a job for a new one

*Trained, tested, and became an Advocate for domestic violence and sexual assault victims

Some of the things I still want to do:

* Go on a ride along in a police car (one of the rare things Sam says I can't do. He says he wants me to not see the yuck out there but I suspect he thinks I'll kick some butt and take some names.)

*Sing back up for a band singing "Sweet Home Alabama". Bonus points if I get to dress redneck and/or there are mullets involved.

*Teach my kids how to toilet paper a house.

*Start a club with a main goal or self improvement through service.

*Be a part of making a big change in my town. Keeping that one loosey goosey so I can try more than one way to do it.

*Write a book and let someone who isn't related to me read it.

*Finish my degree.

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