Towerland Residents

 First and foremost you have the loons who started this hot mess.

The blonde short one is Kimber (aka Kimby or Kimberlina) and the bald tall one is Sam (aka Sambo or Sambodini).

Our story in one breath:
Boy meets girl. Girl flirts with boy and then blows him off. Boy is too charming for girl and he totally wins her over only to get even by dumping her lots before their wedding. Girl is clever however and cons boy into eloping to the IF temple with her in 2001.

They live zanily ever after.

They also picked up a few strays along the way.

First, the girl one.

 Isabelle is the only girl.

She is her own little person and quite possibly more responsible than both of her parents.

She is practically perfect in every way.

Then we have the posse of boys.

Left to right: Osbourne, Buddy, Alexander and Henry.

These boys are hilarious. The big boys are best friends with a little tag along following close by them. Henry will be chasing them soon, of that we are certain.

We call all these kids the Herd.
They are okay with it.
We live in our dream house (if only it were 10 miles out of town!).
Sam is a cop and an herbalist, I am a piano teacher and a one girl revolution.
The kids are going to change the world, just wait and see.
We have our ups and downs, but really, I don't think any of us would rather be anywhere else.